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Chef Tracks–meet Chef Joseph Arrellano

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RGSR chef joe

Chef Joseph Arellano graduated from Pueblo Community College in Pueblo, Colorado where he earned an Associated Degree in Food Service Management. Upon completion of this culinary program in Pueblo he applied to and was accepted at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Food Service Management in 1992. During the break between his third and fourth year of college, he found a job in Colorado close to home at Forbes Trinchera Ranch, in Fort Garland, Colorado. While it was a quick three month summer job, he left such an impression, that as he got closer to graduation he was invited to return to Forbes Trinchera Ranch full time. He fully accepted the position and moved close to home.

His job duties at Forbes Trinchera Ranch meant that he supported the Head chef in all aspects of cooking to include menu design, prep work, baking, deserts, and occasional wait staff duties. It was in serving the Forbes family, where Joseph developed his skills for fine dining. Joseph loved his job because every week presented different challenges and different clientele. As the years passed, he learned the quirks and special requests of returning clients and was able to accommodate those needs before the guests even expected it. His attention to detail became a defining quality which serves him well even unto this day.

When the Forbes family sold the ranch to the current owner, Joseph stayed on for two years, but eventually decided to move on. Within a month, Joseph had stumbled upon a job at the Rio Grande Scenic Rail road in Alamosa, Colorado. Over the past five years. Joseph has worked and reworked the menu with the expectation that we improve on the service and serve plates that are reasonably priced and appealing. The addition of Pan Seared Scallops and Fresh Water Trout with Hollandaise Sauce to our menu is of note because no one expects those kinds of meals while meandering through the Rocky Mountains on a daytime excursion.

Joseph has since been promoted to Passenger Services Manager at Rio Grande Scenic Rail Road, but he continues to be a major part of the food services operations. The meal service on the train is complemented by the Grill/Barbeque Line at Fir where the railroad host Concerts every weekend. He continues to be surrounded by food, and that is the core of services provided at RGSR. Everything else falls into place once the food is set. While his primary duties are better served in Alamosa at Rio Grande Scenic Railroad, he is called from time to time to go help within the company at any one of its other partners within the Iowa Pacific Company. You just might catch him on the rails somewhere, sometime.

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